Learning to Love Yourself

Today and Every Day. In Small Ways. Like Standing in Front of a Mirror And Seeing How Beautiful Your Eyes Are. Like Giving Yourself a Bouquet of Flowers. Like Writing a Love Letter to Yourself. Like Feeling Good by Sharing Goodwill with Random Acts of Kindness like a donation to a homeless child. Like Cherishing […]

Choosing Love

No matter what. In times if pain, make the choice of Love. In times if fear, make the choice of Love. In times of hurt or self-doubt, make the choice of Self-Love. In times of fear, make the choice of Love. In times of anger, make the choice of Love. In times of regret, make […]

Bracing Holiday Blues and Blahs Energetically

  It that time of the year again. All year long people wait and/or work for this time of the year and then it hits them. Christmas time is here.  You even notice people frantically buying gifts for people they may not even like very much. But the tradition holds. For some, yet another Christmas […]

The Eternal Dance of Love

AN ARTICLE OF INTEREST “An Eternal Dance of Love has begun on planet earth. The first steps of this Dance began 10,000 years ago with two unique individuals. This Dance will last for an eternity and consciously assisting these two dancers are many other individuals”. In this way, begins Ga Ra and Za Ra’s recording […]

The ‘Shauny Award’

It is truly an honor to be nominated by Penny Houghton for the The Shauny Award: http://qualityofbeing.wordpress.com/2013/12/02/the-shauny-award/ I am totally humbled by it. This award is a wonderful concept for inspiring gratitude, love and humility and encouraging others to do the same. It allows for sharing with up to 10 others. The idea behind this […]

The Power of Giving Thanks

Giving Thanks. Not Just on Thanksgiving Day. But Everyday. Not Just For Our Blessings. But For Our Lessons. Because you never know the reason behind every good or bad thing that happens. A Lesson could be a karmic debt or a spiritual test. Giving thanks could make the difference to the next step in spiritual […]

Making a Choice – It is Your Life

It is Your Life, Bliss, Happiness, Unhappiness, Boredom or Depression, It is Your Choice A Self Help Book and Workshop to Feel Bliss, Prevent Depression and Relieve Boredom. Book contains a variety of special techniques and information about the effects of the energies of Love and Light on a human physical body. Book explains in […]

Making your own Healing Waters at Home for Stress Relief

  Healing Waters. The words may conjure up images of Hot springs, Geysers, Baptisms, Holy Rivers like River Ganges, River Jordon or even modern day Spas. But I was searching for something closer to home and within reach. I found a way to make pure Sacred Healing Waters using ancient wisdom and in the comfort […]