Guided Bilocation Meditation to Remove Stress

  Ancient and modern techniques when used with 3 unique Love Energized Healing Crystals rejuvenate your Body, Mind and Spirit while simultaneously expanding your Consciousness. Our natural, effective techniques, include a guided Out of Body Experience so you may easily remove the large amounts of stress your body accumulates every day living in today’s stressful […]

Karma and Stress Cause 99% of Health Problems

“It is a fact that Stress and Karma cause 99% of human health problems. Please realize karma for actions in your last lifetime was recorded in the DNA of your physical body at conception. As explained in our “Karma” recording, before birth, you chose your physical body and parents knowing the karmic strengths and weaknesses […]

Salves for Stress Relief and Cancer

Sacred Healing Salves for Stress:  People suffering from stress, headaches, anxiety, fatigue and/or increasingly frequent periods of irritability have found comfort and relief by applying the salve as directed in the instructions. Sacred Healing Salves for Cancer: People suffering from cancer have found healing energies, comfort and pain relief by applying the salve as […]

Seer Stones, Speaking Stones and Record Keeper Crystals

The use of Seer Stones, Speaking Stones and Record Keeper Crystals has been documented throughout human history. The fact is that until the last century, when loveless wireless technological energies spread over the world, spiritual adepts were known for their ability to communicate and/or be shown images and sounds recorded by Seer Stones, Speaking Stones […]

Jupiter’s Amazing Auroras of Unconditional Love Energies

Seen pics of Jupiter’s Amazing Auroras of Unconditional Love Energies? Our July 23rd Love Session will include a Guided Bilocation to Jupiter. Will be interesting to observe the effect our Unconditional Love Energized Merkabas will have on Jupiter’s Unconditional Love Energized Auroras Our Activators, Healers and Teachers, for over 10 years, have enjoyed Out of […]

Who are the 144,000?

“Most people are surprised to learn that the Bible’s famous “144,000” is a group of individuals who are listed in the legends and religious scriptures of people living around the world. The 144,000 are specifically mentioned in India’s “Ramayana,” which is a religious scripture and document of wisdom that is far older than the Bible. […]

Self Healing using Unconditional Love Energized Healing Crystal Sculptures

Unconditional Love is the greatest natural healing energy in the world, a unique energy that is naturally generated when the energies of a temporary physical body’s brain merges with the energies of a permanent Emotional Body’s Mind. This unique state of Conscious Awareness is the first level of the 9 levels of Enlightenment. Unconditional Love […]

Basic Love Energy Techniques

First try the Free 3rd Eye Test Our Free 3rd Eye test enables you to determine if you have energetic blockages from emotionally charged memories of unpleasant past events that are hindering your abilities to expand your ESP and enjoy life. Then, if you wish, listen to the: Basic Love Energy Techniques at Home […]

The 9 Levels of Enlightenment

  There are 9 levels of Enlightenment available to people in today’s world. A thousand years ago, a white man with blue eyes travelled North, Central and South America. Those in Central America called him Quetzalcoatl and those in South America called him Amaru. But, in North America, he became forgotten as a result of […]

Experiences with Guided Bilocation Meditation

  Here are some experiences from listening to the recording This 10th recording is the most wondrous gift of all time. Playing the recording was an unforgettable experience. Events and people I had forgotten popped up and then cutting the ties brought in so much comfort that brought tears at one time. The white rays […]

Karma and Health Problems

Karma is the source of all health problems. Please realize that when we use the word karma, (as explained in our “Karma” recording), we refer to both karmic debt repayments for past actions and karmic spiritual tests for an Ascension in this lifetime. Karma can result from actions in a previous lifetime as well as from actions […]

Guided Bilocation Meditation to Cut Karmic Ties, Sever Energetic Attachments and Remove Phobias

Includes 3 Unconditional Love Energized Healing Crystals. This unique 10th recording of our Basic Love Energy Techniques is now available. It teaches you to activate a Merkaba Ancient and modern wisdom about karmic ties and energetic attachments To bilocate to a Love Energy Sanctuary so you may self help and self heal yourself in the comfort […]

Love Energy Techniques for Self Healing Depression

“Depression is a debilitating dis-ease that is usually the cumulative result of a series of unpleasant stress filled events in one’s life. Some people with depression are able to still function, but they merely exist in life with little happiness and no Joy. However, depressed people working in stressful jobs can suffer a severe form […]

Enchanting Love Energized Xmas Gift Ideas

Wearable Healing Love Energies “Soul Lover Teraphim contain unique combinations of Crystal Teraphim, hand selected for their healing and self help attributes. All crystals contain latent attributes, but it takes Unconditional Love Energies to fully activate attributes. Crystals infused with Unconditional Love Energies evolve into Teraphim whose attributes heal and help human bodies.Teraphim contain one […]

Free Love Energy Tests

“Love Energies are freely available to all people upon planet earth. In the beginning of humanity, all people had the same amount of Love Energies. However, the karmic consequences of free will decision making resulted in the reduction of Love Energies in many people during their later incarnations. These simple and unique Love Energy Tests […]

Grand Opening of International Love Energy Centers

What is a Love Energy Centre? A Love Energy Centre is a place where you can become the person you ever wanted to be. What does a Love Energy Centre Offer? Each Love Energy Centre is independent and specializes in Love Energized Essences & Love Energy Products depending on the culture of that country. Love Energized […]

Wonders of Bilocation

Bilocation is when the Mind of one’s Emotional Body consciously travels to a distant location while one’s brain and physical body are in a meditative state. Bilocation is a normal event for any Enlightened individual whose brain and Mind work together as one. Look out for an upcoming recording with 3 unique “Seer Stones” which will […]

The Actual Historical Events Hidden in the Old Testament’s Fictional Analogies- 1

First in a Series of Recordings ” The Old Testament was not written for spiritual purposes, it was written in a unique way using code words to secretly hide actual events and scientific facts within fictional analogies. Our series of instant download recordings explains the numerous events and facts secretly hidden in the Bible. The […]

Modern and Esoteric Concepts – Alchemy, Rebirth, Levitation, Super Enlightenment and so on – Ebook Available for only $3

Modern and ancient esoteric concepts explained all in one place along with historic events and people. 44 of Gary Smith’s (Ga Ra’s) 2015 articles about Alchemy, Super Negative Ions, Quetzalcoatl, Rebirth, Super Enlightenment, Levitation and more, from the many Levels of Unconditional Love Energies to the Super Powers of One’s 3rd Eye and the Worldwide […]

The Super Powers of One’s 3rd Eye Spiritual Energy Center

AN ARTICLE: Due to all of the misconceptions about what chakras are and what chakras do, we at the Sacred Merkaba Love Energy Techniques decided to replace the one word of chakra with Spiritual Energy Center, a trinity of words that more properly describes their function. We have the wisdom and techniques that enable and […]

Freedom from Emotional Bondage and Emotional Baggage

How often do we find ourselves recalling or reliving a past  or current unpleasant experience and a chain of emotions like anger, regret, fear, guilt or thoughts of revenge seem to occur? So each time we think about these experiences, we are in a state of emotional bondage and we could begin carrying emotional baggage […]

Overcoming Grief and Self Healing

  No one is ever really prepared for the passing of a loved one. No one is ever really prepared for the passing of a parent. But it just happened that way about a month ago this year. Spiritual Tests can be hard- very hard. But at least I recognize this experience to be so. Then […]

Helping Parents of Autistic Children

If you are a parent of an autistic child then you know they are special and spiritually advanced and have supernormal abilities. Here are excerpts from an interesting article which may be of help to parents: “Enlightenment is a super normal state of Conscious Awareness that from birth gives autistic children the ability to hear […]

Free Love Energy Technique

  Try this Free Love Energy Technique to allow Love energies to your brain’s 3rd dimensional energies of happiness so you may enjoy your Mind’s 4th dimensional energies of Joy.  

Determining if your ESP is alive and well

  Our natural abilities to access your Extrasensory powers can be hampered by past unpleasant memories of anger and regret. There is now an easy and Free 3rd Eye Test available which can determine whether your ESP is alive and well. Then we can move forward to resolve these issues, if we choose to.       […]

Soul Lover Teraphim- Wearable Healing Love Energies

A Unique Way to Heal with Love Energies! The word Teraphim is defined in dictionaries as “an image revered by ancient Hebrews and kindred people apparently as a household god”. Each Soul Lover Teraphim is hand crafted and hand assembled. Soul Lover Teraphim contain special Crystal Teraphim that were hand selected for their healing attributes […]

A New Way of Forgiveness

” A New Way to Forgiveness, Inner Peace and Happiness” A Powerful New Recording just released and available from our Love Store. Listen to  unique Ancient Knowledge and Wisdom which will help to understand the Power of Forgiveness leading to Inner Peace, Happiness and Enlightenment. Be Guided with Love Energized Meditations to help you breathe […]

Healing with the Ah-mazing Ah Yah Ah Dance of Love and Light

You have heard how dancing can help you stay happy and healthy. Did you know that The Ah-Yah-Ah Dance of Love and Light can help you heal emotionally from: Anger Regret Depression Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Read more and listen to The Ah-mazing Ah Yah Ah Dance of Love and Light recording available at […]

Discover the Power of Sacred Healing Salves

New LOVE ENERGY TECHNIQUES Online Store is now offering SACRED HEALING SALVES for Breathing Enlightened Equanimity Bone and Muscle Mental Clarity Skin See for more details

Learning to Love Yourself

Today and Every Day. In Small Ways. Like Standing in Front of a Mirror And Seeing How Beautiful Your Eyes Are. Like Giving Yourself a Bouquet of Flowers. Like Writing a Love Letter to Yourself. Like Feeling Good by Sharing Goodwill with Random Acts of Kindness like a donation to a homeless child. Like Cherishing […]

Breaking the Shackles of Emotional Pain and Self Healing from Major Trauma

Here are some SELF HELP Tools: 1.     Giving Thanks for the event. 2.     Reading the article on previous post- Taking a Glimpse- Part 4 Helping Others as an immense source of inspiration of Self Healing.      3. Listening to a  5-CD/download Love Energized Combo Power Pack  in the comfort of your own home.         – […]

Choosing Love

No matter what. In times if pain, make the choice of Love. In times if fear, make the choice of Love. In times of hurt or self-doubt, make the choice of Self-Love. In times of fear, make the choice of Love. In times of anger, make the choice of Love. In times of regret, make […]

Blog of 2013 Award

I would like to sincerely thank Eric for this honorable award shown at I am truly honored and humbled. It’s been a short journey for me on WordPress but I have had the great privilege of experiencing the goodwill and love from my fellow readers.  Origin of ‘Blog of the Year 2013’ Award The Blog […]

Family Award

  I would like to sincerely thank Eric of for this award and for the opportunity to share it with a new-found family. The WordPress Family Award “I start this award on the basis that the WordPress family has taken me in, and showed me love …. The way people take a second to be […]

Bracing Holiday Blues and Blahs Energetically

  It that time of the year again. All year long people wait and/or work for this time of the year and then it hits them. Christmas time is here.  You even notice people frantically buying gifts for people they may not even like very much. But the tradition holds. For some, yet another Christmas […]

The Eternal Dance of Love

AN ARTICLE OF INTEREST “An Eternal Dance of Love has begun on planet earth. The first steps of this Dance began 10,000 years ago with two unique individuals. This Dance will last for an eternity and consciously assisting these two dancers are many other individuals”. In this way, begins Ga Ra and Za Ra’s recording […]

The ‘Shauny Award’

It is truly an honor to be nominated by Penny Houghton for the The Shauny Award: I am totally humbled by it. This award is a wonderful concept for inspiring gratitude, love and humility and encouraging others to do the same. It allows for sharing with up to 10 others. The idea behind this […]

The Power of Giving Thanks

Giving Thanks. Not Just on Thanksgiving Day. But Everyday. Not Just For Our Blessings. But For Our Lessons. Because you never know the reason behind every good or bad thing that happens. A Lesson could be a karmic debt or a spiritual test. Giving thanks could make the difference to the next step in spiritual […]

Making a Choice – It is Your Life

It is Your Life, Bliss, Happiness, Unhappiness, Boredom or Depression, It is Your Choice A Self Help Book and Workshop to Feel Bliss, Prevent Depression and Relieve Boredom. Book contains a variety of special techniques and information about the effects of the energies of Love and Light on a human physical body. Book explains in […]

Making your own Healing Waters at Home for Stress Relief

  Healing Waters. The words may conjure up images of Hot springs, Geysers, Baptisms, Holy Rivers like River Ganges, River Jordon or even modern day Spas. But I was searching for something closer to home and within reach. I found a way to make pure Sacred Healing Waters using ancient wisdom and in the comfort […]

Increasing the love energy in what we eat

There are energy levels within everything we eat and drink. Organic food, for instance have relatively lesser amount of chemicals and pesticides and have higher energy levels thereby affecting our feeling of well being.  Chocolate is a mood enhancer and herbal teas can help de-stress. We also cannot ignore the existence of GMO (genetically modified […]

Our Permanent Mind and Temporary Brain and Stress Related Illnesses

An Article of Interest “The human brain is the central information processing unit of temporary 3rd dimensional human physical bodies. The human Mind is the central information processing unit of permanent 4th dimensional Human Emotional Bodies. It is one’s 4th dimensional Emotional Body’s Mind that contains the permanent records of the memories from each lifetime […]