The Human Mind

This article comes to you from the ben Panther family records

Many people mistakenly think that the human brain and the Human Mind are one and the same due to the burning of ancient scientific documents by religious zealots. It is well known in today’s world that the human brain is the central information processing unit of our temporary 3rd dimensional human physical bodies.

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Emotional Body

A human physical body has only one lifetime and typically lasts less than 100 years. However, a Human Emotional Body is capable of living forever. The human physical body’s brain enables one to live life in the normal earthly 3rd dimensional emotional energies of happiness and unhappiness.

But, if one doesn’t fully understand the concepts of Karma and reincarnation and chooses to allow their Conscious Awareness and brain to get angry, then one lives in the subnormal 2nd dimensional emotional energies of anger and regret.

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Spiritual Energy Fields of Consciousness

Spiritual Energy Fields of Consciousness are who we actually are. We are the total of all our experiences in this life and all of our experiences in all of our lifetimes. We are the memories of everything we did to others and everything that others did to us. We are also the emotional energies that we felt during each event we have experienced in our lives.

In addition, the actual us is also all of the emotional energies that we have added to the original emotional energies of the original event. And so it is that as explained in our Forgiveness recording, whenever we get angry or regretful in the present upon remembering an emotionally charged past experience, we deposit the emotional energies of anger or regret within us

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