One Merkaba Activation Technique

One Merkaba Activation Technique


Activation of a 1st level Merkaba is the birthright of every human being on planet earth. We, Ga Ra and Za Ra, spent 4 years working unceasingly to condense 7 years of wisdom and techniques into one set of recordings so all people around the world could have the opportunity to learn our new One Merkaba Activation Technique in the comfort of their home.

  • Activate a 1st level Angelic Merkaba using Unconditional Love Energies
  • Attain 1st level Enlightenment and become able to Fully Enjoy Your Life
  • Connect your temporary physical body’s 3rd dimensional Conditional Love Energies to your permanent Soul
  • Body’s 4th dimensional Unconditional Love Energies
  • Enjoy Out of Body Experiences with a series of our Guided Bilocations
  • Travel to a 4th dimensional Love Energy Sanctuary and Heal Your Health Problems
  • Bond with 4 “Seer Stone” Healing Crystals in our 5 Element Ceremony

Our One Merkaba Activation Technique package of recordings contains:

  • 4+ hours of wisdom and techniques in an Audio DVD and flash drive
  • Four Love Energized “Seer Stone” Healing Crystals in a hand-made Silk Pouch
  • Two hand-made Beeswax Candles and two large Palo Santo Incense Sticks
  • Full color booklet shows your 3rd and 4th dimensional Energy Fields in a Merkaba


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