Guided Bilocation Meditation to Remove Stress

Guided Bilocation Meditation to Quickly and Effectively Remove Stress


Ancient and modern techniques when used with 3 unique Love Energized Healing Crystals rejuvenate your Body, Mind and Spirit while simultaneously expanding your Consciousness. Our natural, effective techniques, include a guided Out of Body Experience so you may easily remove the large amounts of stress your body accumulates every day living in today’s stressful world.

  • Recording begins by rapidly removing stress and fully relaxing your body using ancient Love Energy Enhancement Breathing Techniques.

  • Learn how to activate a temporary Merkaba and enjoy an OBE, Out of Body Experience, that removes stress from your Body, Mind and Spirit.

  • Experience Advanced Stress Removal Love Energy Techniques that combine powerful visualizations during an OBE with Love Energy Enhancement Power Mantras so you may be fully healed of stress.

  • Includes a special Love Energy Ceremony to bond you with your 3 Love Energized “Seer Stone” Healing Crystals so they may help you to remove stress by severing emotional ties to past unpleasant events.

  • Enjoy the exquisite pleasure of a Love Energy Healing Treatment from your 3 “Seer Stone” Crystals and 100 Healing Crystal Spheres in a Golden Healing Chamber located in our Love Energy Sanctuary.

  • Ancient and modern wisdom combine with our naturally effective techniques to quickly remove the stress of life in today’s hectic world.

An incredible 3 hours of wisdom, techniques and a guided self healing Out of Body Experience by download and or by audio DVD and flash drive that will be sent to you with your 3 Love Energized “Seer Stone” Healing Crystals.




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