Karma and Stress Cause 99% of Health Problems

“It is a fact that Stress and Karma cause 99% of human health problems. Please realize karma for actions in your last lifetime was recorded in the DNA of your physical body at conception. As explained in our “Karma” recording, before birth, you chose your physical body and parents knowing the karmic strengths and weaknesses in the DNA of your physical body.

Life as an adult means stressful events will regularly occur to you in today’s hectic digital world. How you handle and resolve stress filled events will determine whether or not you store karma from this life as “stress” in your body. Stress is stored in the genetically and karmically weakest areas of a human body and begins activating past life karma to cause health problems.

Karma from past lifetimes is repaid by incarnating in a body that has major health problem causing combinations in the DNA genes. Life is a series of free will choices, thus angry or regretful responses by people to a stressful event and later whenever reminded of it, activates karmic debt repayment energies in your DNA that will begin causing you health problems.

Both our new Guided Bilocation Meditation for Stress and our Guided Bilocation Meditation for Cutting Karmic Ties come with 3 Love Energized Healing Crystals that together will rejuvenate your Body, Mind and Spirit. Using the wisdom and techniques contained in the recording will enable you to work with your 3 Healing Crystals and consciously enjoy an Out of Body Experience that will heal the source or cause of your health problems.

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