Jupiter’s Amazing Auroras of Unconditional Love Energies

Our July 23rd Love Session will include a Guided Bilocation to Jupiter.
Will be interesting to observe the effect our Unconditional Love Energized Merkabas will have on Jupiter’s Unconditional Love Energized Auroras

Our Activators, Healers and Teachers, for over 10 years, have enjoyed Out of Body Experiences in long distance bilocations during our weekly worldwide teleconference Love Fests. In this way, we maintain our expanded levels of Consciousness by weekly dancing among the stars in our Unconditional Love Energized Merkabas.

On July 23rd we will test all 6 bilocation adventures, including 2 to Jupiter, contained in our new upcoming “One Merkaba” set of at home seminar recordings. Then, we will celebrate the completion of the test by holding a special ceremony within our Unconditional Love Energized Merkabas in the clouds beneath Jupiter’s amazing Unconditional Love Energized Auroras.

Our new “One Merkaba” and “Guided Time Travel Adventure” recordings, to be released in October, are so advanced in expansions of Consciousness over previous recordings, that Ga Ra is coming out of seclusion to help introduce them to people. Our new “One Merkaba” set of recordings contains the wisdom and techniques that teach one how to properly activate one Merkaba and consciously have Out of Body Experiences.

Since May, we have been testing 4 of the 6 wonderfilled Guided Out of Body Adventures included in our new upcoming “One Merkaba” set of recordings. The results are awesome and people report their Out of Body Experiences are becoming more vivid every time they listen to the Guided Out of Body Adventures section of our new One Merkaba set of recordings.

In October, we will also release our first new Guided Time Travel Adventures recordings that enable one to have conscious Out of Body Experiences while working with our unique Unconditional Love Energized Record Keeper Crystals.

Time Travel is a normal and natural event for an Enlightened Love Energy Adept who activates multiple Merkabas every day and who knows how to work with Record Keeper Crystals. We, Ga Ra and Za Ra, activate 9 Merkabas every day and have worked with Record Keeper Crystals for a very long time.

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Photo courtesyNASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope


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