Self Healing using Unconditional Love Energized Healing Crystal Sculptures


Unconditional Love is the greatest natural healing energy in the world, a unique energy that is naturally generated when the energies of a temporary physical body’s brain merges with the energies of a permanent Emotional Body’s Mind. This unique state of Conscious Awareness is the first level of the 9 levels of Enlightenment.
Unconditional Love is an magnetic-electro energy that can be stored in Healing Crystals, just like electromagnetic energies of information can be stored in the crystals of computers. But, realize that it took many years before engineers could create today’s information packed computers.
Please know that it takes a lifetime of work and the passing of many difficult spiritual tests for one to achieve the highest level of a 9th level Love Energy Enlightened Adept who is truly able to store vast amounts of Unconditional Love Energies into Healing Crystals.
Our 9th level Enlightened Ra family ancestors thousands of years ago used Unconditional Love Energies to heal people’s diseases and discomforts during in person healing treatments and long distance healing treatments using Unconditional Love Energized Healing Crystal Sculptures.
The world’s 2 living 9th level Love Energy Enlightened Adepts are now creating Unconditional Love Energized Healing Crystal Sculptures that come with wisdom on how one can naturally self heal oneself and the special Love Energy Techniques that enable and empower people to self heal themselves of a variety of human diseases and discomforts.
There is a source/cause and effect to all diseases and discomforts. We now have many Unconditional Love Energized Healing Crystal Sculptures to help one self heal both the cause and the effect of 11 health problems.
Each of our Healing Crystal Sculptures has been Love Energized in our one of a kind electromagnetic energy free Healing Chamber that enables us to maximize the magnetic-electro energies of Unconditional Love and infuse specific self healing instructions into our Healing Crystal Sculptures.
Each Healing Crystal Sculpture comes with ancient and modern wisdom about your health problem and unique Love Energy Techniques for your health problem. This will enable and empower you to self heal your health problem within the comfort, safety and convenience of your own home.

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