Love Energy Techniques for Self Healing Depression


“Depression is a debilitating dis-ease that is usually the cumulative result of a series of unpleasant stress filled events in one’s life. Some people with depression are able to still function, but they merely exist in life with little happiness and no Joy.

However, depressed people working in stressful jobs can suffer a severe form of depression and completely withdraw from reality. In such cases, a person curls their body into a fetal position, turns off the Conscious Awareness of their temporary 3rd dimensional physical body’s brain and retreats into their permanent 4th dimensional Emotional Body’s Mind.

The cure for all forms of depression is an abundance of Love Energy. One thing that is common for depressed people is stress, an abundance of self doubt and a lack of self love. Love is an energy that heals people’s dis-eases and dis-comforts, a unique natural energy that can simultaneously expand one’s Conscious Awareness so one may enjoy life.

Every extremely unpleasant event in one’s life is either a spiritual test for one in this life or a karmic debt repayment for one’s actions in a past life.”

Here are Love Energized Techniques which have helped to overcome depression.

  • Karma at home seminar recording with an ancient and modern Karma Fire Ceremony

  • The Ah-mazing Dance of Love and Light at home seminar recording  cleanse lower dimensional energies of anger, regret and thoughts of revenge stored in one’s memories of past events.

  • Sacred Waters at home seminar recording so you can learn in the comfort of your home how to create negative ionized drinking water from the regular water in your own home.

  • Forgiveness at home seminar recording with a series of guided exercises that depressing emotional energies of fear, anger and/or regret that surround unpleasant memories of past events in one’s life.

  • Using Meissa and Arcturus bracelets of Wearable Healing Love Energies.

  • Request a Whole Brain Love Energy Healing Treatment for Depression from a Starfire Healer at a Love Centre closest to you.

Source: love-energy-wisdom-techniques-for-self-healing-depression/

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