Grand Opening of International Love Energy Centers


What is a Love Energy Centre?

A Love Energy Centre is a place where you can become the person you ever wanted to be.

What does a Love Energy Centre Offer?

Each Love Energy Centre is independent and specializes in Love Energized Essences & Love Energy Products depending on the culture of that country.
  1. Love Energized Essences & Love Energy Products
An Exotic collection of Love Energized skin lotions, massage oils with essential oils and natural household products created by using sacred alchemy. These special items are prepared lovingly and handmade with organic ingredients wherever possible. They have shorter shelf-life than regular-factory made products since they are preservative-free. They are stored in glass containers and refrigerated in the same manner that organic items are stored. You and your loved ones can bring in Love Energies within your body, mind and spirit and in your homes by using them. They also make wonderful love-filled romantic, holiday, anniversary, birthday and graduation gift ideas! Look up which Love Centre offers some or more items like these.
  • Natural Relaxing Foot Massage Oil
  • Natural All-Purpose Cleaning Spray
  • Natural Insect Repellent
  • Lavender Body Spray
  • Lavender Dusting Powder
  • Laundry Soap
  • Lavender Bath Salts
  • Soothing Face & Body Oil
  • Relaxing Massage Oils
  • Natural Hand Soap and Sanitizer
  • Banana Bliss Bread
  • Pakoras
  • Empire Biscuits
  1. Healing Treatments

Love Energy Healing Treatments are now being offered at many Love Energy Centers. Each Love Energy Healing Treatment is performed by a Starfire Love Energy Healer who uses Unconditional Love Energies that are Beyond Bliss and Teraphim in their healing treatments.
  1. Techniques and Classes

These teach each one how to self heal oneself and how to optimize one’s life using the Energies of Unconditional Love.
– Basic Love Energy Techniques
– 1&2 Day Love Energy Technique Classes
– Pre-Activator
– Activator Classes

4.  Our Boutique

Also includes Sacred Healing Salves and Wearable Healing Love Energies.


Visit our Centre Worldwide page to locate the closest Love Centre to you.


Photo Credit: summersun_11 Photobucket


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