The Actual Historical Events Hidden in the Old Testament’s Fictional Analogies- 1

First in a Series of Recordings

The Old Testament was not written for spiritual purposes, it was written in a unique way using code words to secretly hide actual events and scientific facts within fictional analogies. Our series of instant download recordings explains the numerous events and facts secretly hidden in the Bible.

The Old Testament was written using fictional analogies to unite a divided group of Hebrews in “captivity” and convince them a “Lord God” was on their side in a futile attempt to incite the men to “re-conquer” Mesopotamia just like their Chaldean Shepherd King ancestors.

Our recordings use ancient ben Panther family records and their private collection of the world renown 100,000 volumes of “Enochian Literature” to explain actual historical events and ancient scientific facts.”


Hear in the first $9 recording from the series available at

-The amazing historic and scientific facts hidden in the fictional analogies of Genesis Chapter 1 to Chapter 2 verse 9:

•   Ancient information about how the first “7 days of creation” actually refers to the first 7 levels of heaven that are created in a universe.

•   Ancient scientific knowledge on how the One God expands to create the 4 in 1 God of creation “Yahweh”, with a Mother God and a Father God, whose son and daughter, live in the first universe of a creation.

•   Details about how the free will choices associated with the 7th Day of creation actually took millions of years to complete before life in 3rd level physical bodies could begin on planet earth.

•   Ancient wisdom answers questions like “Who Am I?”, “Where Did I Come From?” and “What Am I Supposed To Do Here?”

•   Hear ancient facts about how certain humanoid chimpanzees in 3rd level temporary physical bodies became our ancestors when they received 4th level “Eternal Souls” and “Permanent Emotional Bodies”.

•   Ancient scientific wisdom describes how human males and human females use different methods to process sensory information.

•   Hear ancient documents describe the 9 levels of heaven and 3 levels of hell that exist in our universe.

•   Ancient and modern ways that help you tell the difference between the Old Testament’s 6th level “Lord God Lords” and “Lord God satans”.

•   Details on how at the birth of your temporary physical body you received the Soul of your permanent Emotional Body.

A special power prayer is included with each recording so you may cleanse your ancestor’s memories, recorded in your DNA*, of the hatred and torture your ancestors endured due to the Old Testament’s fictional analogies.


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