Overcoming Grief and Self Healing


No one is ever really prepared for the passing of a loved one.

No one is ever really prepared for the passing of a parent.

But it just happened that way about a month ago this year.

Spiritual Tests can be hard- very hard. But at least I recognize this experience to be so.

Then GIVE THANKS for this experience no matter what – no matter why.

LOVE myself through the pain and be gentle with myself while I self heal.

SELF HEAL with the Love Energized Sacred Merkaba Techniques.

Grief is an energy.

I am reliving the joyous memories to cling on  when Mom would laugh and giggle. That is what I want to remember because the energy immediately rises but only temporarily. How do I make this permanent?

I am listening to Truth about Karma and Reincarnation.

This is helping me to fully understand that there are both karmic debt repayments and spiritual tests. Both Mom and I are definitely experiencing one or the other or both. The Fire Ceremony is helping me to cleanse the trauma. I feel quite light after each such ceremony. Then following with the Rebirth Technique for rejuvenation and is now part of my daily regimen.

I am applying the Sacred Healing Salves.

The one for Enlightened Equanimity in particular, when applied to the 3rd Eye Spiritual Energy Centre while repeating ancient Love Energy mantras helps to overcome stress and grief and resolve an emotionally charged event. I carry this with me.

I am listening to A New Way to Forgiveness, Inner Peace and Happiness – a series of ancient guided Love Energized Meditations that enable you to “breath in” life force enhancing Love oriented “negative ions” and “breathe out” illness producing “positive ions” and helps in the understanding of the power of forgiving oneself and others for inner peace.

I am listening to The Ah-mazing Ah Yah Ah Dance of Love and Light.

This visualization movement meditation  cleanses one’s body from lower dimensional emotional energies like anger and regret while enhancing one’s body with higher dimensional emotional energies like Joy and helps to remove the painful emotionally charged energies.

And lastly, giving donations in a proper way to a charitable organization in the loving memory of my mother helps us both evolve spiritually.

I hope this article will help someone at the needed time.


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