Out of Body Experience of Falling from a Great Height in a Dream

An Article

A common dream experienced by many people is the dream where one is falling from a great height and suddenly wakes up just before hitting the ground. Fifty years ago, this dream used to be one everyone had at least once in their life. However, it is less common now in today’s Love Energy depressed digital world.

Due to a lack of Love Energies, people have now forgotten the ancient wisdom that explained dreams and the fact that dreams are what one is able to recall from communications between the Conscious Awareness of one’s 3rd dimensional physical body’s brain and the Conscious Awareness of one’s 4th dimensional Emotional Body’s Mind.

Many people today are unaware of the fact that one’s 3rd dimensional temporary physical body is what enables and empowers one to collect free will decision making experiences for one’s permanent 4th dimensional Emotional Body and complete our destiny.

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