Soul Lover Teraphim- Wearable Healing Love Energies

ID-100263024 A Unique Way to Heal with Love Energies!

The word Teraphim is defined in dictionaries as “an image revered by ancient Hebrews and kindred people apparently as a household god”.

Each Soul Lover Teraphim is hand crafted and hand assembled. Soul Lover Teraphim contain special Crystal Teraphim that were hand selected for their healing attributes and/or comforting self help abilities. Each Soul Lover Teraphim is fully infused with vast quantities of Unconditional Love from two ancient ceremonies performed in an ancient part of Africa using ancient Philosopher’s Stones.

Read on about Wearable Healing Love Energies here .

Now look at the most  exquisite range of  Elastic Bracelets, Mantra Beads, Macramé Bracelets, and Especially for Children  Soul Love Teraphim available online. P.S. 10% of the sale price goes to help destitute children.  

Image courtesy of Boykung at


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