Learning to Love Yourself

Heart Yourself

Today and Every Day.

In Small Ways.

Like Standing in Front of a Mirror And Seeing How Beautiful Your Eyes Are.

Like Giving Yourself a Bouquet of Flowers.

Like Writing a Love Letter to Yourself.

Like Feeling Good by Sharing Goodwill with Random Acts of Kindness like a donation to a homeless child.

Like Cherishing Your Challenges and Forgiving Yourself.

Like Putting Sticky Notes “ I am Beautiful”, “ I am Worthy of Love”, “ I Love Myself”

Like Writing out your Good Qualities and Accepting Your Faults, Warts and All

Like Hugging Yourself.

Like Saying “No” gracefully  without feeling guilty.

Like Taking Time for Yourself to Nourish your Spirit.

Like Adding to This List.

Because After all.

Love Is The Answer to Everything.

Love Is The Answer to Everything


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