Breaking the Shackles of Emotional Pain and Self Healing from Major Trauma


Here are some SELF HELP Tools:

1.     Giving Thanks for the event.

2.     Reading the article on previous post- Taking a Glimpse- Part 4 Helping Others as an immense source of inspiration of Self Healing.

     3. Listening to a  5-CD/download Love Energized Combo Power Pack  in the comfort of your own home.

        – Love is the Answer – gives you the wisdom about how to use Love Energies for self healing using a Love Energy Technique

        – Serenades of Love– fills you with Love Energies and also helps you sleep better- played on repeat mode

        – Creating Sacred Healing Waters– heal the body, mind and spirit by infusing negative ions of Love while drinking, bathing and spraying around

          – Energetic Cleansing and Connection to Teraphim– dissolves unwanted energies and thoughts

         – Karma and Reincarnation– cleansing the negative impact of emotional traumatic events using an ancient Fire  Ceremony

4. Attend a One-Two Day Love Energy Techniques Seminar:

    For more information go to :


A New Beginning



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