Family Award



I would like to sincerely thank Eric of for this award and for the opportunity to share it with a new-found family.

The WordPress Family Award

“I start this award on the basis that the WordPress family has taken me in, and showed me love …. The way people take a second to be nice, to answer a question …. I wanted to leave my own legacy … as many have done before. This represents ‘Family’ we never meet …. It is my honor to start this award.” –  Shaun, Creator of Award 

.Award Recognition Procedure

1.     Display the award logo on your blog.

2.     Link back to the person who nominated you.

3.     Nominate 10 others you see as having an impact on your WordPress experience and family.

4.     Let your 10 Family members know you have awarded them.

5.     That is it. Just please pick 10 people that have taken you as a friend, and spread the love.

Here are the 10 bloggers in no particular order that I would like to nominate. Thank you!

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14 thoughts on “Family Award

  1. YAY! The love dominates – LOL – well, of course, spreads is what I mean.

    It is my pleasure – really. You and Crystal got this done pronto.
    I’m happy it makes you and others happy.
    Spread the love – not a bad job to get… I like it.

    ~ Eric

  2. I feel blessed to be a part of this family, what a wonderful place to be as we grow together day after day.
    I am grateful to have been here for a short time and to have been introduced to so many like minded and kindred souls….. Thank You from my heart for considering me for this….
    ♥ XO,

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