Bracing Holiday Blues and Blahs Energetically


It that time of the year again. All year long people wait and/or work for this time of the year and then it hits them. Christmas time is here.  You even notice people frantically buying gifts for people they may not even like very much. But the tradition holds. For some, yet another Christmas dinner has to be endured- or maybe there is nowhere to go for Christmas. In most western nations as the cold settles in so perhaps do the holiday blues or blahs. For those with family and friends it would be joyous times but also stressful as is the pace of life in today’s world. For those without family and friends it is a time when feelings of loneliness or depression could creep in. It could perhaps be the first Christmas after a breakup for someone. That is when a white Christmas may bring in the blues.

But the Choice is always one’s own. How do you handle such times? How do you stay in balance? How do you reconcile with what has been dealt out this year?

If you are surrounded by people you will be dealing with their energies- good or bad. At the end of the day you ask yourself- how did I feel today? Am I stressed out?

If you are alone, you ask yourself- Am I feeling sorry for myself or am I feeling left out and blaming life for what it dealt me with or am I being thanking for finding the time to relax? You are now dealing with your own energies- good or bad.

How does one then rid yourself of all the energy buildup from others or from our own unwanted thoughts?

Personally, I first reach out for “Energetic Cleansing and Connection to Teraphim” recording. The sacred energetic sounds bring in relaxation, cleansing, self healing and expansions of conscious awareness. These love energized sacred sounds have a healing and calming effect on yourself and your environment

Once I feel refreshed and rejuvenated, I listen to the “Truth about Karma and Reincarnation” recording.  Why? Because I want to use the ancient techniques for resolving emotional pain from past karmic events or present spiritual tests. Then perform the ancient Fire Ceremony and experience the Rebirth Ceremony to be reborn and maintain your relaxed state of Mind. FREE WILL to free oneself from emotional pain.

And finally, I have the Sacred healing water Stress Repellant to spray on me, water to drink and bathe in.

One can feel fortified and empowered. This can be part of one’s regular energetic maintenance of course…


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