Making your own Healing Waters at Home for Stress Relief



Healing Waters.

The words may conjure up images of Hot springs, Geysers, Baptisms, Holy Rivers like River Ganges, River Jordon or even modern day Spas. But I was searching for something closer to home and within reach. I found a way to make pure Sacred Healing Waters using ancient wisdom and in the comfort of my home. All I needed was fresh tap water, glass jars and bits of purest gold or silver. The Love Energy Techniques for creating Sacred Healing Waters include high Love Energy sounds, negative ion creation songs, power words and mantras. Preparing the waters was itself self-healing. The waters can be used for healing, drinking, bathing, cooking for you and your family . There is also a Sacred Waters Room spray which can be used to infuse negative ions in one’s home, office or rented room while traveling. This is extremely handy and highly effective as a stress-repellant!

You might like to try Creating your own Sacred Healing Waters for Love Infusion


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