Increasing the love energy in what we eat


There are energy levels within everything we eat and drink. Organic food, for instance have relatively lesser amount of chemicals and pesticides and have higher energy levels thereby affecting our feeling of well being.  Chocolate is a mood enhancer and herbal teas can help de-stress. We also cannot ignore the existence of GMO (genetically modified organisms) and chemicals in processed food which have reduced the ‘life force energies’ in food. Energy is invisible but we can always feel it.

Have you ever recalled a situation when you arrive at a restaurant and someone is having an argument with the waiter? You immediately sense the negative energy of disharmony. However, as soon as your friends arrive you can sense the positive energies of happiness.

Giving  a word of  thanks or gratitude before meals can actually elevate  the energy in your food. Not only does the blessing change the molecular structure of the atoms in the food it  starts with changing the person saying the prayer. The person becomes more aware of the beauty of the food, triggering increased sense of taste, smell and well being and harmony as it affects the nervous system in a positive manner. Dr Masaru Emoto’s studies have shown how thought can affect the molecular structure of water. Thoughts of LOVE and GRATITUDE have the same effect on the molecular structure of foods especially if they are home-grown, home-cooked and consist mostly of water.

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