Musings on Good Deeds and Karma


The old saying “What goes around come around” holds true. If you believe in the concepts of Karma and Reincarnation it all seems to make sense. There are not only karmic debts in life but also spiritual tests. “Rare diseases”, (that seem so common place in today’s world), are in essence, karmic diseases and the result of unique combinations of DNA genes from one’s parents. There are also spiritual tests. Ultimately it matters not whether whether its a karmic lesson or spiritual test. It matters how we handle it. There is the also the power of good deeds. It can help us self heal.

Truth about Karma and Reincarnation”  recording teaches techniques and ancient wisdom by using real life examples in today’s world. My favorite is the Karma Fire Ceremony for emotionally restarting one’s life.

(Photo: Danilo Rizzuti -Free Digital Photos)


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