Self Healing With A Lullaby


Source: Castillo Dominic


Lullabies have passed down through generations. One origin of the word ‘lullaby’ comes from “lull”ing a baby to sleep “by” using calming sounds. Another is an ancient Hebrew phrase “Lilith-Abi” which means “Lilith begone”. Lilith, according to Jewish folklore was a character who stole children during the night and the chants were meant to ward it off. There is also an ancient Turkish origin from the word “balabalu” which when combined with “Lilith-bi” gives the word “lullaby”.

Lullabies are reminders of one’s sweet childhood memories and carefree days full of joy. As we get older we get removed from these memories.  Lullabies are like bridges to those lost peaceful memories and are universal in nature. They  conjure up images and memories of love, peace and security. Lullabies cross all borders and all languages.  But who said lullabies are just for children? 

I found a wonderful lullaby which you can enjoy even as an adult. The songs are sung with a backdrop of the sounds of Niagara Falls which is considered a high energy location. It has a soothing and protective effect on children. Even as a busy parent, if  you are feeling overwhelmed you can take a few minutes of break with Serenades of Love and you will find an instant increase in Love Energies in yourself and in your home.  It can be used for a power nap and/or bouts of insomnia while allowing the Love Energies flow over you or a loved one. These Songs of Unconditional Love also enhance one’s dream time.

SERENADE yourself to sleep.

HEAL while you sleep.

We deserve to give ourselves such a gift of Love sometimes.





3 thoughts on “Self Healing With A Lullaby

  1. This is SO cool…love it… and … considering dreaming about excellence tonight…

    YAY! I’m giving the excellence awards tomorrow…

    Your blog is on my list of EXCELLENCE blogs and here is an award to demonstrate my sincere gratitude:
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    ~ Eric

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